Apr 29, 2009

Keep Moving Forward

I have been thinking a lot about about the statement "Keep Moving Forward". If you are not aware, that statement comes from the Disney movie, Meet the Robinson's. Which I think is one of the most underrated Disney movies ever. There are so many great lessons to be learned from this movie. So how does "Keep Moving Forward" relate to cake decorating? Maybe it doesn't, because cake decorating is certainly not life or death, but as I look at the picture of this cake, as the decorator, I only see the mistakes and the flaws, all the things I wish I could redo. They are so apparent to me that they seem to scream at me. But if I take a minute and pan out, away from the cake, I can see the beauty of it. If I try to see it from an outside point of view the cake is beautiful.

Sometimes in our lives we spend so much of the time looking at the mistakes and the flaws in our own lives, we miss the beauty of the life we live. As the saying goes, We are our own worst critics.

So how do we pan out and change our perspective? I think that comes from inside ourselves. For me I try to see myself the way others see me. I try to uplift the people around me, I try to leave them better then I found them and I try to Move Forward.
Everyone makes mistakes, everyone is going to have a bad day, everyone is going to need to "vent" to someone. But then if we continue to move forward, if we dust ourselves off, I believe our world grows larger and our view broadens and then we can step back and see how far we have come. Then we can turn and see the beauty that others see.


  1. Thanks for this - It's something I needed to be reminded of yet again.

    (And the cake looks beautiful, by the way!)

  2. Thanks for the reminder Wendy! I love this blog! You are talented and amazing!