May 24, 2009

A Whimsical Fairy Cake

This is my first Topsy Turvy cake. I made it for a bridal shower. The fairy is made out of gumpaste and the flowers, frogs, and rocks are made out of fondant. The waterfall is buttercream. I never counted the number of flowers on the cake, but I would guess A LOT! This cake took forever to make, but it was so fun to put together. Enjoy, and Have a Yummy Day!

May 15, 2009

Beach Cupcakes

These Birthday cupcakes are for a very cute 9 year old girl.
The Flip-flops are made of chocolate.
Everything is edible except the umbrellas.


May 4, 2009

Fondant Flowers

I have had so much fun this weekend with my new fondant flower cutters. My colors turned out weird on this pic, but it really is the same purple as in the pictures below. The cutters came in 4 different sizes, and I just had to try them all out.

Once the flowers are dry, they last for a long time.
I have really had fun making them.

While I had the fondant out I thought I would try fondant roses. There are different ways to make fondant roses, but I think these are very sweet.

My Favorite Cake Ever!

For my birthday this year, my sweet husband gave me plane tickets for me and our daughter to go visit my mom across the country. We spent 3 days and had a wonderful time. My daughter saw snow for the first time and got to play with her Gram. We had a great time just talking and laughing.
When I got home, this great cake was waiting for me, my husband and my son had spent the day making for me! The cake was perfect because it was made with love. This is my husbands 1st cake and I thought he did a great job! It was just so nice to know he was thinking of me and went to the effort of making something he knew meant so much to me. The frosting is homemade and he even did the lettering! He had seen me put frosting in a ziplock bag and cut a corner off and use that to put frosting on cookies, so he thought he would try it. I love my family!