Sep 25, 2009

My Grandmother

I have been thinking a lot about my Grandmother recently. She past away two years ago at the age of 89. I know I have talked a lot about her on my blog but my fabulous aunt has been kind enough to give my copies of my grandmothers cakes. My Grandma, has been the person who has most inspired my to decorate cakes. She loved the sugar arts, although I don't think it was called Sugar Art in her day, it was just plain, cake decorating.

I remember as a young girl, going with my grandma to a wonderous place called C. Kay Cummings Candies, in Salt Lake City, Utah. She worked for Kay Cummings out of her home and made beautiful tiny icing decorations. She would make thousands of them, then package them up and off we would go to the chocolate shop.

Once, when I was older she took me on a tour of the quaint beautiful little chocolate factory. I was in awe as I watched the workers laying our shiny thin layers of chocolate onto long tables, then adding another thin layer of green mint chocolate, then yet another layer of shiny beautiful chocolate. My mouth would water as I watched them cut the Trafalgar squares and place them in boxes. I loved that place, it smelled heavenly. I wanted to stay there forever.

C.Kay Cummings is still there, on 33rd South and 20th East. On the way home after the funeral services for Grandma, I went to Cummings with my mom, brothers and sisters. The teenage cashier probably thought we were crazy as we broused the shop talking about the momories we had of grandma making this candy or that candy. It was a great way to end a day of rememberance and love for our grandma.

These are her wedding cakes. She was famous for her Carrot Cake and Spice Cake. I loved going to her house on days she had baked. She would save the cake tops and use the extra frosting to frost the thin top layers and stack them on top of each other. One of the 1st questions out most visitors mouths was "Hi, Grandma, got any cake tops?" Still now the cake tops are my favorite part of the cake.

Go Celtics!!!

So I must admit, I am not much of a basketball fan, but I have learned a lot about the Boston Celtics this week. This cake was for a very cute...I mean, very cool 10 year old boy, who loves the Celtics. His favorite player is Paul Pierce, so as I am very new at making gumpaste figures, the man on the cake hardly resembles Paul Pierce.

Although I think our cool birthday boy has a little more of a resemblance to his figure, except for the fact that he would be extremely tall for his age if he actually came to Paul Pierce's shoulder.....What I am trying nicely to say is...Gumpaste figures are not my forte'. I am trying hard and I hopefully will get better, but they are really hard to do. I am certainly No Michelangelo, with clay, paint or sugar. Although, it would be fun to see what Michelangelo could make of a lump of gumpaste. Hummmmm.... I love random thoughts...

Sep 12, 2009

Olivia's Cake

Today we celebrated Olivia's birthday! She is our really good friend and she is turning 8 this weekend. Last week I had so much fun going over to her house and sitting down with her and her mom to design her perfect cake. Olivia designed the whole cake. She picked the shape of the purse, the polka dots and all of the colors. She knew exactly what she wanted and it was so much fun to make her dream cake come true.

We love you Olivia or Wiva as my daughter would say

Happy Birthday!

The shoe is made out of gumpaste. The cake is a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream icing, and covered in vanilla fondant. The "tissue paper" is gumpaste also.


Sep 4, 2009

Being Brave

I will admit that I am pretty shy. I have a very hard time walking up to someone I don't know and starting a conversation. It also takes me a while to warm up and start to talk about myself. Although I am shy, I do love to listen to other people talk about themselves. I love to hear what people are thinking about and what is going on in their lives.

So last night, I did a very brave thing. I had heard about the Palm Beach Sugar Artisan's Club, they meet once a month and discuss cake decorating and have demos on different techniques. So I decided to try it out. I think I came across as very quiet, but I was so interested in what these amazing and fun women had to say, that I just watched and listened. (I was also very nervous) They had amazing ideas and I thoroughly enjoyed just listening to them talk about cake decorating and the sugar arts.

We also learned how to make Stephanotis flowers. I have been wanting to try them for a long time, but was a little intimadated by the floral tape, and wires involved. I know they don't seem very intimadating, but standing alone in your kitchen, they are quite frightening. EEEK!
Thank you to MarrieLee and Judy for making me feel welcome, I had a wonderful time! I can't wait until next month.