Jan 17, 2010

An Elegant Wedding

I have had so much fun this week building and baking my tallest cake yet. The cake stood over 3 feet high! I met with Mark an Mila a few months ago and we instantly became great friends. I have enjoyed getting to know them and spending time with Mila. She even asked me to be her wedding planner. So this week I have been baking and planning for the wedding all at the same time.

The wedding was beautiful, the reception was on Mila's parents estate, which is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. Mila's parents are both incredible artists, and their home is full of art they have created. I loved being there because I walked into their home and I immediately felt like I knew them. There was no facade, or a feeling of "keeping up with the Jones'". Their home was uniquely theirs and it was refreshing to see.

So back to the cake, each tier is 6 inches tall. The 4", 8" and 12" are Vanilla cake with Almond buttercream, and the 6" and 10" are Coconut Cream Cake with Pina Colada buttercream icing. The whole cake is covered in fondant with gum paste Stephanotis and fresh red roses. Also if you look close there is a delicate hand piped design on each tier.

I loved this cake, it was so fun to make and I appreciate Mark, Mila and the whole family. I had a wonderful time working with everyone.

Congratulations Mark and Mila!