Jul 14, 2011

My Armadillo!

Introducing Armando the Armadillo!!! He is our latest creation and we are so happy to have him! I wish everyone could have seen him in person, because he looked even better. We were so happy with the way he turned out.

So, did you just have a flash back to Steel Magnolias? Yes, well you are in luck...cut him open and you have a bleeding Armadillo. He is made of VERY Red velvet cake and Red Raspberry filling, with Vanilla Buttercream dyed red of course.

His head and tail are both make out of Red Rice Krispie Treats. Did you know you can dye marshmallows? Just add the dye once the marshmallows are melted and you can color them any color you want. I was also very worried that his head would not stay on, so I melted red (white) chocolate and covered his head in it. It worked perfectly!
 As for his color, I have an amazing friend who is an amazing artist named Martha Stoetzer. So I finished the cake and he was a really cute gray armadillo and then she came and faux painted him using food coloring mixed with piping gel. He is completely hand painted. I sat in awe as I watched her take him from a really cool gray armadillo to an amazing realistic replica and bringing him to life. Thank you Martha!!!

Below is the structure of our armadillo, built by my very talented husband! I couldn't do any of these cakes without him. I am so grateful for him! 

Thanks for looking!
Have a wonderful Day!

Jul 13, 2011

Monkeys and Bananas!!!

 Happy Birthday Logan!!!
I don't think cakes can get more fun than this!!! I was thrilled when I was asked to make this 1st Birthday cake and the Smash cake for a cute little boy named Logan.

The monkeys were inspired by the invitation and I just loved how playful they look.

The monkeys and bananas are made of modeling chocolate, as are the tree trunks. The leaves on the trees are gumpaste and the leaves on the ground are fondant. The top tier or the cake is Banana cake and the bottom is Vanilla both with Vanilla buttercream.

 Here is the back of the cake. Can you see the monkeys tail on the top of the cake?

 And here is the smash cake, just for Logan to dig into. Yum!

Happy Birthday Logan!!!

Jul 12, 2011

Celebrating 40 with STYLE & BLING!!!

Many people spend their 40th birthday depressed and sad that they have reached yet another milestone in their lives.
 But NOT Kim!!!
I was so excited when Kim called and asked if I could make her 40th Birthday cake and her instructions were to put as much BLING on the cake as I could. It was a pleasure working with Kim and her husband Craig.

If you look closely you can see that the fondant sparkles and shines. Go ahead click on the picture, it will get bigger and you will see it better. It's really pretty.

 The hanging jewels are made of sugar and the Roses are gum paste. When Kim said she wanted bling, the first thing that popped into my mind was a beautiful hanging chandelier of edible jewels.
Again, if you look closely you can see the beautiful finish on the fondant. The broach is real as well as all of the zebra print ribbon, but they went so well together. I just love it!

Craig's Cake
During our first meeting Kim sent Craig on an short errand and then quickly explained that she also wanted a surprise cake for Craig. I was happy to oblige. Kim knew what cake flavors she wanted on her cake, but Craig was trying to talk her into other favors, so we set up a cake tasting, pretending it was for Kim, so we could find out what flavor Craig wanted:) It was really neat to see how well he treated her. She would look at him and say, "Well, which one would you want?" he would smile at her and say, "What ever you want..." She would ask again and his response was the same. After about 20 minutes she had run out of ways to ask his opinion on the cake, because he would "just want her to be happy" or "want her to have what ever she wanted". Finally, I jumped in and asked, "If this was your cake, what flavor would you choose?"
Vanilla cake with Almond buttercream and Raspberry filling. DONE!

Kim's cake was Chocolate with Cream Cheese Icing and Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream

So, a huge Happy Birthday to Craig as well! It was a pleasure to meet you both!

Jul 6, 2011

NY Yankees Baseball Cap

 I have wanted to make a baseball cap for a long time. So I finally got a chance. I was asked to make a New York Yankees, New Era 59 FIFTY baseball cap

 And if you are wondering, yes the bill of the hat is supposed to be flat:) To see actual hats you can go to www.NewEraCaps.com 
The sticker is edible.
I really enjoyed making this hat, it was fun to watch it come together.
Happy Birthday Chris!