Jul 14, 2011

My Armadillo!

Introducing Armando the Armadillo!!! He is our latest creation and we are so happy to have him! I wish everyone could have seen him in person, because he looked even better. We were so happy with the way he turned out.

So, did you just have a flash back to Steel Magnolias? Yes, well you are in luck...cut him open and you have a bleeding Armadillo. He is made of VERY Red velvet cake and Red Raspberry filling, with Vanilla Buttercream dyed red of course.

His head and tail are both make out of Red Rice Krispie Treats. Did you know you can dye marshmallows? Just add the dye once the marshmallows are melted and you can color them any color you want. I was also very worried that his head would not stay on, so I melted red (white) chocolate and covered his head in it. It worked perfectly!
 As for his color, I have an amazing friend who is an amazing artist named Martha Stoetzer. So I finished the cake and he was a really cute gray armadillo and then she came and faux painted him using food coloring mixed with piping gel. He is completely hand painted. I sat in awe as I watched her take him from a really cool gray armadillo to an amazing realistic replica and bringing him to life. Thank you Martha!!!

Below is the structure of our armadillo, built by my very talented husband! I couldn't do any of these cakes without him. I am so grateful for him! 

Thanks for looking!
Have a wonderful Day!

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