Aug 16, 2011

Vroom! Vroom! Jeff Gordon!

Jeff Gordon's 2011 Cherry Red Car!

Happy Birthday to Phil, and a huge thanks to his wife Lori, who loves to challenge my abilities as a cake artist. She also ordered the Armadillo Cake. We love repeat customers!

The cakes was a Sour Cream Vanilla Cake with Almond Meringue Buttercream and Raspberry Filling. The cake is covered in fondant and all of the "stickers" are edible. The tires are gumpaste. The checkerboard is also done in fondant.
Phil loved the is what Lori emailed me after the party.
"It was AMAZING AND MOST MEMORABLE!!!! Phil was so very surprised and stood in awe of the race car actually being a cake.  He couldn’t wait to bring the boys to look at the cake when they first arrived at the house!  Pictures of the cake were sent all over cyberspace (Jax, Connecticut, New Jersey, etc.) by him showing everyone who wasn’t at our home and, of course, to all our race car fans!!!  The checkerboard board was a huge hit and again appreciated the effort and attention to detail!
    He did not want at all to cut it but to preserve it!  However, he finally relinquished and cut the cake in half lengthwise – he took the #24!  Of course, Jeff also came in second place at Brickyard!
Delicious and just over the top of any and all expectations.  Just know your name is out there now!  Can’t wait for the next “challenge” opportunity for a party and always let there be CAKE/an art masterpiece!

Thank you again to Lori and Phil!

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