Oct 11, 2009

Sarah turned 3!!!

Saturday was a wonderful day! My daughter Sarah, turned 3! She had decided for her birthday that she wanted a Candy Land and Queen Frostine Party. So, of course I went completely overboard and threw the most extravagant Candy Land party I could come up with.

Candy Land!

We set up the backyard to look like Candy Land, with a multi-colored path winding around the yard.

Sarah and friends chill'n in Gumdrop Pass

On the way through the path, the kids passed each of the characters from Candy Land, played a small game and received a piece of candy. The kids were thrilled! At the end of the path, they arrived at Candy Castle!

Playing games in Candy Land!

Sarah's Cake was a huge hit! It is the biggest cake I have made so far, and it was really fun to put together. She decided she wanted vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. She is definitely my kid, because that is my favorite too. After Sarah blew out the candles, I took the top tier (Queen Frostine) and put it on Sarah's plate. I wish we could have gotten a picture of the look on her face, because she has never had a bigger smile on her face, then when she realized she got to eat Queen Frostine all by herself.

Sarah making a wish

The cutest part of the night was watching her try to figure out how to eat Queen Frostine. She thought about using her fork, but decided against it, then she picked it up like corn on the cob and started munching. It was very cute!

Sarah loved all of the gifts, and had so much fun with all of her friends! Thanks to everyone who made her day so special! We love you all!

Oct 7, 2009

Good Night...Sleep Tight!

I had so much fun making this Slumber Party Cake! The blanket matches the Birthday girl's blanket on her bed.

It was so fun to deliver this cake and watch as the girls at the party decide who was who. Then they all turned to me and asked, "Do we get to eat our own heads?" Because I knew this question was coming, I made all of the heads out of fondant, so that they could "eat their own heads". I think it is so funny that whenever I make figures of people, that is always the first question they ask. I can imagine a psychologist my love to delve deeper into why we all find it amuzing to eat sugary depictions of ourselves, but for me, I find it quite funny.

So Happy Birthday Valerie! I hope your Slumber Party was a BLAST!!!