Apr 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter was a big deal in our family. Of course for the obvious reasons, but also because of Easter Eggs. Every year my Grandma would make Easter Eggs for everyone she knew. I remember going to her house and she had racks full of about 700-800 eggs. People would come from everywhere to order Grandma's Eggs. I loved to go to her house just before Easter and watch the people coming and going as they picked up their Eggs. The eggs were made of fudge, covered in chocolate and the my Grandma would decorate each one by hand. For my entire family, the Easter Egg was the prize jewel of your Easter basket. The saturday before Easter, our family celebrated Easter Basket Day. That was the day we had the Easter Egg hunt. The men would hide everyones baskets someplace in the house and the older you got the harder it was to find. Then the kids would search for our baskets. Everyone knew which Easter basket was there's because it had your Easter Egg in it with your name on it.

Some of us would keep our eggs for days to admire them, some years we would dig the fudge out of the bottom so we could look at it just a little longer. You had to be careful that your name was the last thing you ate, because an egg without a name was fair game, you couldn't prove the eggs was or wasn't yours.

As my Grandma aged, she began to loose her vision. My mom took over the Egg making and a few years later my sister and I joined in and helped continue the tradition. This year I decided to continue the tradition, so Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. What a fun tradition! You have a real talent here! Thanks for sharing.