Mar 21, 2011

Fudge Easter Eggs for Orlando and West Palm Beach

For over 50 years, Easter Eggs have been a family tradition. My Grandma started making them for friends and family and it quickly expanded to a long lasting family tradition and my grandma became famous in her community for her Fudge Easter Eggs. You were incredibly lucky to receive one of  Blanche's Easter Eggs.  I always felt so special when I would find my basket on Easter and there sitting beautifully in the middle was my egg with my name on it.
We all treasured our eggs. We designated spots on the counter in the kitchen for our egg and no one could move or touch it. Some years it took us weeks to finish our eggs. Some of us would dig the bottom out and keep the shell intact so we wouldn't disturb the beauty of the egg, but still taste of its goodness. Other years we would dig in and finish it off that very day. That was rare though.

One year my sister picked my brothers name off his egg so he couldn't prove it was his and then ate most of it. That was not a happy Easter in our house.
 My grandma also made delicate birds out of icing and my younger cousin who was maybe 3 years old got into grandmas kitchen unattended and broke off every birds head and ate them. Many birds went out headless that year. My grandma took it better than I would have suspected.

 This year as I begin my new endeavour with Wendy Woo Cakes, I thought it would be fitting the share a family tradition with all of you. If you would like to order Easter Eggs for your family please go to my website at and order your eggs today. Each egg can be personalized for your family members. Eggs are $10 each. If you live in the Orlando or West Palm Beach areas. At this time eggs are not available for shipping, we don't want you to get mushy eggs in the mail. Sorry.

Happy Easter!

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