Mar 11, 2011

Celebrating 1 year of life!

Happy Birthday Jack!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be asked to make a cake for a "smash the cake" photo shoot for my good friends at Treasure Photography here in Orlando.

So meet Jack, one of the cutest and happiest babies ever. He is getting ready to take the huge step into being 1 year old.

The cake is vanilla with vanilla butter cream, nice and simple, with fondant decorations. The funny part was that Jack had no interest in the cake, he just wanted the little fondant balls that surrounded the cake.

His mom even tried smashing his hand in the cake so he could get a taste, but all he did was shake the frosting off his hands, look at her like, "who is that woman and what did she do with my mom?" and then go for another fondant ball.
In the end Jack's mom had a great time smashing the cake, we had a lots of laughs, and Jack loved the fondant. We were all happy and didn't the pictures turn out great?
So thank you to Jennifer at Treasure Photography and to Jack's mom, Barbara, and especially to Jack who played along so well with us three crazy women. Don't worry Jack it won't be the last time women perplex you!

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  1. I love him, the cake and all the fun we had. Thanks for sharing :)