Jan 18, 2014

2013- Craziness and Cake

It has been over a year and a half since I last updated my blog and so much has happened! In July of 2012 our business exploded and we were amazed with the incredible cakes we were asked to make. We loved working with so many kind, creative and trusting customers. I was constantly busy either planning, baking or decorating cakes and the blog had to take a back seat, but now we are back to share with all of you!
So here are the big changes that happened over the past year and a half.

In December of 2012 we were thrilled to be asked to make a cake for Cake Central Magazine. In January it was published and our cake was featured on 2 pages! 

I used a royal icing cage, which is a beautiful technique I had seen my grandmother use 20 years before, but had learned how to make it in the Craftsy class Vintage Cakes, Modern Methods with Colette Peters. When I saw that she was teaching the class I went straight to my computer and bought the class. I was so excited!

At the end of January 2013 when the Craftsy blog writers contacted me and asked to interview me about the cake I had made for Cake Central Magazine I was on cloud 9, more like cloud 100,000, but we will go with cloud 9. Read my interview here.

I couldn't believe they wanted to talk to me:) I did the interview and the next week they offered me a part time job as a Craftsy blogger! I was in heaven! Can you tell by all my exclamation points!

I was already swamped with cakes, but I didn't care, this was an opportunity of a life time! I added free-lance writing to my schedule and decided sleep would have to take a backseat.

In March, Cake Central Magazine again published one of my cakes and also asked to interview me for the first ever Cake Decorator Highlight. I felt honored and amazed at all the cake love!


In April things started settling down. I was still working like crazy, but having a blast.

In May my husband was offered an amazing opportunity within his company and we needed to make some hard decisions. We decided to close Wendy Woo Cakes and move to South Florida to pursue his career. Some people, including myself sometimes, may think I was crazy to close up shop right when things were blossoming, but as amazing as it was to receive so many accolades, it is also incredibly wonderful to spend more time with my kids and to just be the mom.

I am still writing for Craftsy and working to stay caught up and improve my decorating techniques, so don't count me out. I love sharing my experience and knowledge with the Craftsy readers and with anyone that needs a little help. If you have cake decorating questions or just need some inspiration, let me know! I am happy to help.

Please come back often to see what's new on Wendy Woo Cakes!

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  1. Now that is an amazing journey. You are an incredible artist and an incredible person that I have never met but thanks to blogging and the internet and Facebook feel as if we have become friends. I am proud of you and always relish your new creations.