Apr 22, 2012

A Sea Side Castle

Making this cake made me want to take a vacation to a remote island castle and spend the week laying on the beach with a good book. Not because it was a hard cake to make, because it was...but, I wanted to jump into a world where this castle could exist.

 I want to spend the afternoon visiting with friends and family in the little gazebo and wade out into the ocean.
 I think the only thing this cake is missing is a mermaid!
So we made a mermaid cake, actually 2 mermaid cakes (they were identical...so I only posted one...didn't want to be redundant)
Can't you see her sitting on a rock looking up at the castle from a distance as the sun goes down!

 As for the cake itself, the largest center tower and all of the landscape is made of marble cake filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in Vanilla Buttercream. The other 3 towers are made of rice krispie treats. Everything is covered in fondant and everything is edible including all of the gazebo.
 Thank you to HOAR Construction for allowing me to work on such a fun project! I wish you continued success on your current Castle project!
I can't wait to visit the real castle here in Orlando!...

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