May 10, 2011

An Army Tank for a Colonel

Congratulations Colonel Graham!
I was amazed and honored when I was asked to make a cake for the promotion ceremony of Colonel Graham. When his wife said she wanted a tank, I could hardly contain myself. I have wanted to make a tank for a long time and I knew I was up to the challenge, so I was excited to get the opportunity.

 Making the cake was a lot of fun, but delivering it was even better. The ceremony was being held at a Military base here in Orlando. I drove up to the large gates and 4 soldiers in fatigues some with guns across their chests asked me to get out of the car, open the hood and open all doors, so they could inspect the car before I entered the base. I happily obliged and sat at a table waiting for the reaction when they made it to the back of the car and finally saw the cake.
I was chatting with a few of the soldiers when I here, "Is that the cake?" and one of the men popped out from the side of the car. 'You guys have got to see this! Can you eat that!"
The others looked at me confused and we walked around the car together. At that moment I think I made 4 new best friends. They looked at every detail and asked how it was all made. After that it was pretty smooth sailing to get through the gate.
As we carried the cake in to the building, I loved seeing the discipline instilled in the soldiers. I could see them trying hard to continue with their duties but trying to get a peek at the cake. It was truly an honor to be among so many men and women who sacrifice so much and work so hard to insure that our country stays secure and free.

Onto the cake,
The bottom tier of the cake, the sandy part is large enough to feed 100 people. It is half chocolate cake and half vanilla cake smothered with lots and lots of Vanilla icing. The sand is shortbread cookies that were ground up and added a nice crunch to the cake.
The tank itself is a little more complicated. The tank was approximately 14 inches long and 9 inches wide. The bottom of the tank is vanilla cake and the top turret is Rice Krispie treats covered in white chocolate to help it hold it's shape. Both tiers are covered in fondant.
All of the details are done in fondant or gum paste. The only non-edible parts of the cake are the antenna and the gun in the front. The gun is a wooden dowel covered in gum paste.

Now you may be wondering why did you make a dark green tank on sand? That is not camouflaged at all and would never happen and I will tell you...I made it that way because that is the way the Colonel wanted it and I do whatever the Colonel wants. I guess that kind of goes with the title.
So again, Congratulations to Colonel Graham, it was an honor to make a cake for you. And thank you to his amazing wife Bridgette, it was a joy working with you.

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