Nov 11, 2010

Got Oxygen?

First things first, A big THANK YOU to
Scott Lamont at ROTECH
for believing in me and challenging me with this great idea for a cake. I had so much fun figuring out all the components and details of this cake.

The regulator was especially fun to work on. I have spent many hours staring at the regulator Scott gave me to copy. But eventually I figured it out. This regulator is completely edible. Even the dial on the front is sugar. The inside is made of Rice Krispie Treats and it is covered by gumpaste.

The stickers on the front and the back are also edible.

Making this cake was so much fun and brought back great memories of my earlier years when I was once...can you guess?...A geeky lab rat. For about 6 years I spent my life in research and microbiology laboratories. And yes, I wore the lab coat and the goggles. I am very much at home sitting in front of a microscope or a HEPA hood. I worked for a brilliant research doctor who had the social skills of a lion. One wrong move and he would pounce all over me. Attacking every detail of my work, but listening to him talk and as I read his published papers I would sit in awe.

Back to the cake, I thought I would show the inside of the cake. It is 12 layers of Red Velvet cake with Almond buttercream filling. It's okay, go ahead and count them, there really are 12. I forgot to take a picture, but the top part of the cake is also Rice Krispie treats. Enjoy!

Thanks again to Scott Lamont and ROTECH. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you.

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