Mar 22, 2010

The Florida Day of Sharing

Yesterday was such a fun day!
I went with a friend to the Florida Day of Sharing Event in Ft. Lauderdale. Through out the day there were sugar art demonstrations on how to make amazing flowers: orchids, poinsettias, and many others. I met some great people and enjoyed getting to know them.

As part of the event anyone could bring a display to share. I decided to try a new technique and take a cake to display.

I decided on this design because it reminded me of some beautiful cupcakes I tried to ship once and they were destroyed during shipping and the poor bride had to scramble to find cupcakes the day before her Engagement party. So this cake is dedicated to Kate and Ryan. Congratulations you guys!
Here is one of the cupcakes before they were shipped.

After the demonstrations, there was a drawing and 9 people were picked to come up in 3 groups and do a Cake Challenge. So guess who got picked, Yep...yours truly!
I was so nervous, I was shaking. I knew the competition was just for fun but to be up there in front of all of those amazing artists and to know they were all watching me was terrifying!

The Cake Competition was 30 minutes and each group was given 2 8in. rounds, some spatulas, a bucket of buttercream icing, one bag and one...count them....ONE tip to try to decorate the cake. Luckily since my brain wasn't working correctly, a bunch of people not in the challenge surrounded our table and started helping us by giving direction.

My teammates were great to work with. I wish I could remember their names now, but I have forgotten them. I was kind of in a frenzy. So we whipped out our supplies and started working. After 15 minutes they told us to stop and that one person from the team had 5 minutes to make a bow out of fondant for the cake. I kept working on the cake while one of my teammate made a beautiful bow.

After the challenge was over we stood around nervously waiting for the results. After a gruelling 5 or so minutes they announced that OUR TEAM had WON!!!! Yea!!! We were so excited and surprised. All three of the cakes were beautiful!
It was so fun to laugh and work with others that enjoy the same passion for the sugar arts. I really enjoyed myself. Thank you to everyone that made the event possible!

Here are a few of the other displays at the Day of Sharing. I did not make these, but thought I would share them with you.

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  1. I didn't know that those cupcakes you made got destroyed! How frustrating. But it looks like the competition was fun! Congrats again on the win, and happy belated birthday!