Dec 30, 2010

Cute! Cute! Coach Purse!

What a month we have had! December has been a crazy time for our family. At the beginning of the month we moved from West Palm Beach, Florida up to Orlando, Florida. So, for the first 3 weeks of December we spent our days at Disney World and lived in a condo while we waited for our home here in Orlando to be ready for us. I's a hard life. We had family come and visit and also got to know some great friends better.
So far, we are loving Orlando. We have the greatest new neighbors and the people here are so nice. Our kids are making friends and it just feels like home.

On to the cake! After the long (very fun) pause in our lives, we are finally in our new home and my Kitchen Aid mixer was one of the first things out of the box. It has been so nice to be baking again.
This cake, I made for 2 of the nicest and funnest girls I have met, Shawn and Kaitlin. Our whole family has had so much fun getting to know them and we are grateful for their friendship. During our long vacation at Disney, we spent days at the parks and went shopping together. They both work at Disney World in Epcot. So I made this cake to say thank you to both of them.
I told them they could have any cake they wanted and they agreed almost immediately on a Coach Purse. Colors were an issue, so we made a compromise by making two shoes. One for each of them.

I hope they enjoy the cake. Shawn even came over a few days ago and helped me make the shoes. It was a blast!

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